Commercial Baking Pizza Oven

Commercial Baking Pizza Oven|Stone Base

Now a days you can not think a restaurants without Commercial Baking Pizza Oven.
Pizza, it’s a delicious fast food item in Bangladesh. Presently young generation can’t think to celebrate their single festival without pizza. They hang out and test pizza on their special day. We see so many restaurant serving pizza with different test. There are some pizza based restaurant also available like pizza inn, pizza burg, and pizza hut they are so popular in Dhaka city and outside of Dhaka. As well as you will find so many mini restaurant in road side they are serving inside their restaurant and also in online service. Numerous people they are now successful business man after expanding their restaurant from small one or from road side shop. So at present commercial baking pizza oven are so popular in the market.

For starting a commercial restaurant/pizzeria firstly you have to think about quality Commercial Baking/Pizza Oven. So that it gives best service with quality product. Selecting or choosing the right pizza oven is mandatory to starting your pizzeria and your restaurant. You can check your desire commercial pizza oven in our shop. We have 3 shop in Dhaka.

Let’s talk about our pizza oven and other factors that’s will help you to buy best commercial pizza oven for your business.

Although its name pizza oven but you can use it for different purpose. It’s special for pizza because it has high quality stone. Generally you will not find any stone based pizza oven except few big restaurant. Where you put your pizza inside pizza oven that’s called the pizza stone. Its stone plate which spread the heat and help to cook the pizza. Partially we know food test depends on heat and stone gives a natural flavor. If you search in google you will see so many restaurant are using stone plate based pizza oven in big restaurant.

We are importing South Star brand pizza oven which is very popular by its fame and maintaining its quality. South star brand have different size pizza oven where you can put 12 inches shape 2, 4 and 6 pizza. We see in pizza oven some company use steel plate for cooking pizza but that’s pull down the test of pizza. Here our South Star brand pizza oven provides high quality pizza stone what produce pizzeria-quality pies. It will not crack under high temperatures as well as very easy to use and clean.
You can choose our product without any hesitation and doubt. We are trying our best to providing best quality product with very cheap price. We are 100% loyal to our customer and it’s our big strengths to capturing major market share. You can visit our shop in farmgate area to see our product and knowing details about this product.
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