Commercial Sugarcane Machine For a Small Business

The best profitable Commercial Sugarcane Machine. it’s healthy, fresh and natural. our local products are not healthy. They are made in an unhealthy environment of polluted air.
Our machine is fully intake. Outside will keep your coustomers completely safe from germs or dirt.
Now a day our conscious people find something like this.
So with this machine you can provide healthy sugar cane juice.
Now I want to give you some ideas about Tahseen Traders and this machine.
We are the only one importer, direct import and wholesale and retail seller in Bangladesh.
We have our own factory. So you get reduce service cost. We have expert service technician, you get also a best service. Although we have been in the market for only 5 years and we have moved forward with your blessings and cooperation with service or quality.
Now i tell you our best commercial product Sugarcane Machine.
We bring this machines directly from China. This Sugarcane machines are very good in quality. And its finish is much better. Customers can easily understand its quality.
This machine will give you super speed. 500 grams (approx) in just 1 minutes.
The weight of the machine is 90 kg. Its stainless steel, will prevent it from wearing rust.
Height 55.5″, Length 23″ and width 20.5″

Not much to say about the sugarcane machine. However, if you want to get in touch with the outside machines, this machine is perfect for your business. It does not compare to others local machine.

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