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Now a days we can’t think to setup mini restaurant business without contact grill & by using this machine we can make subway, different type’s burger & grill. At the present time you can start a good business in one small place which will save your money and besides that you will get tasteful & reputed business. I have seen so many entrepreneurs who are making huge profit by selling sub-sandwich & burger using contact grill machine.

They also expanded their business in big place & improve their own restaurant.Bachelor (Mini Restaurant) are one of them. Which is located in Khilkhet, Nikunjo-02, and Road #16. One group of bachelor student suddenly thought for making a small restaurant. After their longtime thinking and group discussion they chose one small place & start restaurant where they produce sub sandwich, different types of burger. Within a few days they spread their fame in that particular area.
Now I will give you some tricks for how can you start a mini restaurant business by using our contact grill.
At first fixed your mind & discuss with your 3/4 closest friends for starting mini restaurant. Start saving money as a capital. If any of your friend want to be your partner that will be easier for open this mini restaurant & than choose one suitable place. It should be around your house that will save your time and work will be much easier. Besides road or residential/commercial building ground floor corner side will better for your business. You have to try for satisfying your customer with better quality and better service with standard price. I believe if you maintain this few affairs you will be an owner of mini restaurant within a short time. Here you have to use small amount of capital and risk percentage are comparatively zero. If you want you can also start in your own house/apartment as a part time business. Food panda and other online apps will help/assist you for reaching to your customer. So only buying a contract grill machine you can start/setup a successful business.
Why you will chose our contact grill machine :

  1. Small size single contact grill and double contact grill you can order based on your demand. We will provide you within a short time.
  2. Square size that will save your place. You can also fix it in small place.
  3. Quick grill will save time and cost.
  4. Ensure higher quality and best service than our local machine.
  5. In Bangladesh we are the only trusted supplier of this machine. We import branded machine directly from china and we achieved customer’s loyalty, faith, and trust as a trust able supplier.
  6. One of the famous super shop “Swapno” in Gulshan branch they are using our product since last 1 years.
  7. Whereas we are the direct importer that’s why we can give it in low price than others.
  8. From our own factory you will get after sales service by our expert servicing team.
  9. Our expert team will provide you best/quality service with cheap rate in warranty period and after warranty period.

Once and for all time you will get our loyalty which is very much important for one customer & we also believe our loyalty will help us to achieve our business goal.
Finally we want to say you, your hard effort, endeavor and small amount capital investing in right place will help you to achieve your success.

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