Commercial Blenders

High Performance Commercial Blenders

Multi-function single business propose commercial blenders machine. This machine have Industrial High Speed Motor, high efficiency, powerful, safety, this commercial blenders make juice, food blender, slush, ground meats.

1. Multi-use (enclosed with fruits & vegetable organic operation booklet)
2. Industrial high-speed motor, high efficiency-powerful.
3. Double automatically protective electric circuit (Thermal/Current Protector)
4. Stainless Steel & Hardening blade.
5. Using high quality tempered transparent plastic steel container, won’t easily break (high temperature vulcanization treatment, food grade rubber cap and safe, and hygiene, health is safeguarded)

Fruite Juice Mixer
Fruite Juice Mixer

This commercial blenders is equipped with an industrial powerful motor whose rotary speed is up to 22,000 rpm. Dry or wet food can be quickly & efficiently into powder or mud, and its ordinal nutrition and flavor are still remained. It’s a professional high-speed favored & a good helper for business and a good helper for business and modern family use.

Classification of blades
♁ Slush ice blade available for ice cube & ice mud.
♁ Dry materials- Chinese medicine, coffee bean, meat etc.
♁ Wet materials- Organic beverage, wheat grass, fruit juice etc.
♁ To stir soybean, water and sugar together for high power could be directly into soybean milk.
♁ Under the state of low speed, it could be regarded as mixer.
♁ Under the state of high speed by 3 minutes, it must be stopped 1 minute. 

When using the mixing rod, take off the cap first and then insert lid as cap lid as showing drawing.

No metal Articles, Such as knives, forks, spoons etc. nether container.
To prevent the danger of the cutting blade, do not clean by hand.

1. Ensure the container is exactly on motor base before starting.
2. Please hold the container when it starts, as the motor is quite powerful, in addition, ensure the clutch is in place.
3. No tamper when staring the motor, put cover on when using tamper.
4. To prevent the danger or the sharp blade, don’t get food from the container by hand whether the container is put on the motor base.
5. Before pouring food out of the container, remove it from the motor base first.
6. Note if touching on/off switch carelessly before or after starting.

1. Unplug when the blender is noting use.
2. The cover can be open only when the blade agitator stops completely.
3. When cleaning, ensure to unplug first, the main base and the container must be washed separately.
4. Don’t put the motor base in the water or the dishwasher.
5. When it’s in use, keep the kids away and prevent improper action of children to danger.

1. When cleaning & maintenance, unplug & turn main switch off.
2. Clean the body & the cover with sponge.
3. Don’t clean inside if container by hand unless blade is already removed.
4. Clean the rotary shaft & the motor with dry rag.
5. When not easy to remove dirt, clean with mid-pH detergent and then wipe it by dry cloth.

Commercial Blenders

Check if the current protector boffin is turned off, press it and then reset, if the blender still doesn’t work, please check the list in the following.
1. If the power plug is inserted into the power outlet.
2. If fuse or automatic switch shuts off.
3. Power cut or not.
If not problem found above, please call the repair center, don’t handle on your own.

SPECIFICATION Item name: Commercial Blender
Model CB-787A
Voltage 220V, 50z (10A plug)
Capacity 2000c.c
Endurance of container -40°C ~ 180°C
Power 1.6W
Weight 5.5Kgs
Length of Cord 1.8M
Dimension W205xD230x5100mm
Protector Current protector,  Thermal protector for Motor
SPECIFICATION Commercial Blender

The machine is Six month Service Warranty, excluding damage caused by natural disaster and personal factor. The blade agitator and the motor brush are also excluded from warranty, for they are consumptive material.

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