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Soft ice cream maker machine|Most popular brand

A soft ice cream maker machine provides freezes, churns, and dispenses soft serve ice cream and yogurt. This soft ice cream maker Machine is  user- friendly with digital operating panel. It has own intelligent control system and it’s easy to access and make a smoother, creamier texture, and provide a delicious ice cream. It’s cooling function keeps ice cream fresh  and keeps cool whole day. Its design with new surface appearance and refrigeration system. Fast freezing by its high power cooling system. Best Automatically, Easy to clean its inside. Its low voltage protection save electric bill.

If you are determined to start up a mini restaurant or small business, this machine will work as  your best asset to launch your own soft ice cream business. With all the features of this machine that make it easier to use, this soft serve ice cream machine is a great addition to small restaurants and ice cream shops.

  1. This soft serve ice cream machine lets you dispense soft ice cream with different flavors.
  2. Whole body is made by stainless steel panels.
  3. Color coating materials.
  4. Provide healthy, clean, fresh and delicious ice cream.
  5. High power air-cooling system.
  6. Different types flavor adding.
  7. Air pump freezer ice cream.
  8. Control by Microprocessor.
  9. Every day display output number of ice cream.
  10. Smart time adjustment, 3-8 minutes to adjust.
  11. Digital Color Screen display.
  12. CE certification.
  13. This ice cream Maker Machine User- friendly With digital operating panel. Intelligent control system, its easy to make. it’s cooling function makes ice cream fresh all day.
  14. New Surface Appearance and refrigeration system design. Fast Freezing. Best Automatically, Easy to clean. Its Low voltage protection so save electric bill. Your best asset to launch your own soft ice cream business.
  • Stainless Steel Panels
  • color coating materials
  • Healthy and clean.
  • Air cooling
  • Flavor Added
  • Air pump freezer ice cream
  • Control by Microprocessor
  • Every day display output  number of ice cream 
  • Smart time adjustment, 3-8 minutes to adjust 
  • Digital Color Screen display, 
  • CE certification

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